Friday, February 14, 2014

A Perfect Present!

special days abound in a couples relationship,and there are so many occassions all offering the perfect excuse to spoil the one you love,even if just a little.Valentine day for most of us is the most romantic day of the year!
it is the time many of us are most challenged to come up with the perfect present.I feel everyone would love gifts which are thoughtful,unique and from the heart,
Wouldn't it be wonderful to hand out small handmade gifts to those you love the most!
You could ask any of yourfriends/person,who makes beautiful handmade Items.
Like one of my friend asked me to make a customized Door Plaque (for the bedroom door) which she plans to give it to her husband on valentine,A surprise gift!!And I am really happy that it really came out that beautifull. 

Playing @ Pretty paper studio for their feb challenge!
All about Love!!
Ending this post with these beautifull lines i found on net....

"You don't get to choose,
You just fall in Love 
and you get this person 
who is all wrong 
and all right at the same time.
you know you love them so much 
except sometimes they drive you 
completely insane-
no one can explain it.
 the reason it's so confusing is 
because it's LOVE.
 if love didn't have challenges, 
What would be the Point!"

Wishing everyone a Happy valentine day!!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tweeting birds

Hi there,
The project i am sharing today has been on my mind after completing the previous post about flower tutorial since i was busy in my upcoming craft classes ,i could not spare time on this project.But  somehow managed to divert my mind into creating this wall hanging.tell you frankly i am not so happy with the outcome,as i had some other idea for this wall hanging.Anyhow i still tried with all the stuff at hand and finished making it yesterday.

Before i share the tutorial i may make some changes later when i am in a mood.....and i might repost it again!!

here is how i made it................................................

I took an old gameboard from my childs game.

Took 1/4th part of it

Then i rolled the Duct tape to make stem of the tree......and took some dry leaves.
checking the placement!

Now i need a background for the wall hanging for which i took a scrapbook paper,lighter tone was better.

here are the can make birds with felt,foam or any things you wish.

 here is the final pc....after putting and sticking(with hot glue gun) together.

Hope you liked it and tutorial was goooooo and do some creativity with those old board games.
see you in the next post!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


While i was preparing for my first ever participation in Summer Camp(still have to write about it...little lazy ,i know) as a craft teacher,i came across this beautifull paper flower on google search.
                          Here is the Tutorial on this flower........................

For making these you need scrapbook papers or patternd papers.
Draw the flowers of different shapes and sizes.
Cut them......

Now put one slit between the petal.

Now overlap one petal on other,stick will get a cup or cone shape.

This step you can do befor putting a slit in the flower.....Take black marker(medium thickness)
draw somw designs on the petals as shown below in pitcure.
Once done,simply fill in with white correction pen.

layered the flower according to the size and colour combination as you desire....

Now you can  put a stem below and use them for your projects or simply be creative.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Door Plaques!

               Hello everyone,how was your weekend? 
Mine was extremely occupied with one order on which i had been working from past 2 weeks and here it is, Its a custom made order for a friend " Door Plaque".

 I would be away for some time,as i am all set for my upcoming craft classes and some orders needs to be completed....But would share my experience and if possible the pictures...of the craft classes.

But before i take your leave would love to share my first Door plaque for my house.....tell you frankly we seriously don't look like this ...LOL!!Was just a trial.

And this one is another variation of smiley turned into a door plaque for those who have dogs in their home.

Hope you have loved it !!
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Good night!


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